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Some interesting Web Site concerning Trolleybuses:


Genéricos Generics

Trolleybus Web Site

Remarkable forms of public transport - Trolleybus

Les transports urbains à travers le temps - Les trolleybus

Latin American Trolleybus Installations

Trolleybuses in Australasia

Jon Bell's Rail Transit Pages

Blickpunkt Straßenbahn (LT Trolleybus Photo Gallery)


Genéricos Builders

Breda (Italy/USA)

Ikarus (Hungary)

Kiepe Elektrik (Germany) - (only electric components)

Marcopolo (Brazil)

New Flyer (Canada)

Powertronics (Brazil)

Škoda (Czech Rep.) - See also Škoda Ostrov s.r.o. (Czech Rep.); Cooperation of Power Electronics Dep. (Czech Rep.); Škoda (USA); ETI (USA); BHEL (India)

ZIU (Russia)


Genéricos Networs

Austria: Salzburg

Canada: Transport 2000 British Columbia; The Fiftieth Year of Trolleybus Service in Vancouver

Colombia: Medellín

Equador: Quito

France: Grenoble; Paris - Musée des transports urbains

Germany: Berlin; Magdeburg; Wuppertal-Soligen

Greece: Aegean

Italy: MNT - Museo Nazionale dei Trasporti and Elenco Filobus; Progetto Città Elettriche; Firenze; Milano

Ltavia: Riga; Riga In Your Pocket®

New Zeland: Trolleybus Festival

Poland: Trolleybus Transport

Romenia: Bucuresti; Constantia; Vaslui

Russia: Kiev

Sweden: Kapfengerg

Switerland: Bern; Zurich

United Kingdom: British Trolleybus Database; Ipswich Transport Museum; London

United States: US Trolley Bus Rankings 1996; Dayton; LSTS Project - Seattle; Philadelphia - Trackless Trolleys and DVARP Newsletter - October 1998; Los Angeles


Genéricos Models

CTCS - The Trolleybus

Latin America - Nostalgie Collection Models

Pullman-Standard Trolleybus

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